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About Us

Welcome! MOLAES stands for Modern Oriental Language, Academic and Enterprise Services and was founded in 2009, and it is headquartered in Oxford, UK. At MOLAES, we are devoted to bridging China and the West focusing on cultural aspects. Culture profoundly influences how people think, communicate and behave. It affects many business practices from day-to-day operational processes to leadership styles, such as decision-making, negotiation, management, hiring, communications, performance evaluations and relationship building. It is absolutely crucial in international business; 'the root cause of conflict was…cultural differences’ (Huntington, 1996).


During the 21st century China is increasingly becoming a global power, and its massively prosperous marketplace is attracting businesses from all over the world. While we see the rapid transformation and globalisation, it is harder to perceive its deeply rooted cultural heritage, including thought processes, assumptions, values, attitudes, notions, norms and expectations.


Our mission is to demystify these invisible Chinese cultural nuances throughout the business life-cycle and help you to expand your business into China successfully. We closely work with Western and Chinese companies, government departments and industrial organisations to achieve win-win outcomes. We have authored a series of publications both in Chinese and English. 

Maiqi Ma

Ma Maiqi (Maggie Ma)

Founder and Director, MSc (China), MA in Education (UK)


​Maiqi's curiosity about humanity and different cultures drives her continuously to discover our diverse and wonderful world. After ten years of business adventures in 

China and South Asia, she moved to the UK in 2008. Since then, having worked extensively with many western organisations and professionals, she has established herself as an enthusiastic cross cultural trainer, business consultant and intercultural leadership coach. 


Maiqi embraces Cultural Diversity and promotes mutual understanding across cultures. Her reputation as an inspirational speaker and insightful consultant is based on her solid understanding of both China and the West. She is the UK Faculty Member and Manager, China for LeaderShape Global, a committee member of the Oxfordshire International Business Club (OIBC), and the UK Representative for the China Pizhou Economic Development Zone. She has published books both in Chinese and English.

Professor Alan Barrel

Professor Alan Barrell

Associate, DBA., FRSA

Alan is Entrepreneur in Residence at the Centre for Entrepreneurial learning, Cambridge Judge Business School. He teaches in universities in UK, Europe, North America and Asia with Professorships in European and Chinese universities. He chairs a number of technology companies, and has raised and managed a Venture Capital Fund. He is also a Business Angel Investor and Trustee of a number of charities.

Alan promotes the vision of “A World Without Borders”, and his current work is focussed heavily on the development of UK-China Trade and Relationships, including cross-continental investment. Most recently appointed Chairman of a company in process of raising a 3 billion RMB cross border early stage venture fund.

Benedicte Yue

Bénédicte Yue

Associate, MSc in Management, MSc in Audit (France)

Bénédicte (Née Vincent) is French and has lived and worked in Paris and London in Financial Services, particularly at KPMG and Deloitte and then as Director of International Affairs at the French Asset Management Association. This latter role gave her the opportunity to work with international asset management companies on cross border issues, and with the European Asset Management Association on the development of the European financial sector regulatory framework. 


As part of a Franco-Mauritian-Chinese family, Bénédicte has been actively promoting bilingual education in the UK, via various working groups sponsored by the French embassy in London and acted as Vice-Chair of governors and Chair of the Finance Committee of an international school near Oxford. She believes that Intercultural Understanding is key to succeed in today’s global environment.

LeaderShape Global

LeaderShape Global

Strategic partner

LeaderShape Global is a UK headquartered organisation with a global culture that operates without borders. It exists to develop people around the world who can lead beyond their ego to be radical, ethical and authentic, i.e. Transpersonal Leaders. It provides work-based learning through a faculty of senior executives who are accredited coaches and experienced facilitators, blended with online content and web-based tools.

Children Left-behind

Phoenix Tree Foundation: Children Left-behind


According to the 'Chinese Left-behind Children’s Psychological Conditions White

Paper' (2017) released by the Beijing-based NGO “On the Road to School”, there

are 23 million left-behind children in China (some says 100million), and the suicide tendency is as high as 34%. We are trying our best to help these children. We appreciate any kinds of donations, including capital, stationery, toys, CDs, DVDs, and books. Please contact us for details. 

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