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'The companies that will see growth in the coming decades are mastering how to do business across cultures.'

Culture not only affects how people think, feel and act, but also plays a decisive role in politics, humanities and economics.   


China still has a largely 'political' economy. Findings reveal that since the 1980's, Chinese economic policies have changed every two years. To some extent, Chinese policies are the bellwether of Chinese economics. Therefore, the first key point for expansion into China is to investigate Chinese policies relevant to your business.        



Doing businss in China
Negotiating with Chinese

With a population of 1.4 billion and 52 ethnical groups, Chinese culture is hugely diverse in term of customs, social norms, verbal intonation, body language and business attitudes.


There is a folk saying in China, 'If a Shanghainese had one dollar, he would save 50 cents, and invest 50 cents; if a Cantonese had one dollar, he would borrow 1 dollar and invest 2 dollars. And how about the Beijingers? They would probably just spend it all on friends'. 

Negotiations are of vital importance to any business, and intercultural negotiations undoubtedly complicate the process. It is, therefore, more efficient to work with an experienced consultant in key negotiations.  

Our bespoke corporate services aim to help businesses to expand into China more efficiently. 


    Cross-cultural Negotiations and Contracts

    Partnership with Chinese Investors and Business Partners

    Chinese Foreign Investments, Policies Research and Investigation

    Chinese Free Trade Zones and Economic Development Zones

    PR and Selling Opportunities in China

We have worked with over a thousand professionals from multinational companies all over the world 

China and Cambridge
Chinese Visiting Wadham College
Marketing Strategies in China
How to communicate with Chinese
Chinese Cultural Awareness
Selling to Chinese Customers
Meeting with Sir Vince Cable
James Cann & Maiqi
Meeting with Karren Brady
Multicultural Team Leading
Communicating with Chinese effective
Communication with Chinese
PR in China
China-UK Innovative Ecomonic Forum

World class! Maggie is very knowledgeable and experienced. Her information and cultural experiences are informative and practical. We've already foreseen how we can reduce the costs to expand into China. Her sense of humour made the day enjoyable.

          - R. Ralph, Chief Executive

Perfect! Thank you so much for the precious session. Your unique insight of both Chinese and western cultures enable us to review our business plans in detail which would avoid some cultural pitfalls. I believe that our journey into the Chinese market go more smoothly. 

- R. Bartalini, Export Director

I just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of my team! We found the session greatly beneficial, and the way in which you presented was highly engaging. No doubt my team are already putting their learning into practice.

- N. Dowling, Head of Retail

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