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Win with China

Acclimatisation for Mutual Success: Doing Business with China

Ma draws from her first hand experience of growing up, living and working in China to share what it takes to have win-win business relationship with China. Her advice is down-to-earth and practical. Her insights, especially those on Chinese Government regulations, policies and practices, are valuable.

- S. Wong


This book is a useful companion to have at hand even if you are already doing business in China. Besides, if you are still experiencing lack of progress or success, Maiqi provides many social-economic-cultural indicators and tips that could help you remove most obstacles in your way.

       - BGI

Leadership in China

Harnessing Chinese Wisdom for Global Leadership?


This White Paper explores the different cultural values between China and the West and how these influence

leadership styles within business. It reveals the Chinese leadership philosophy that has endured and developed over millennia, and how this compares to the styles of the West, in particular the essence of collectivism versus individualism. It demonstrates how the vast wealth of Chinese philosophy and wisdom can be used for the benefit of ethical global leadership.


While focusing on private business leadership in China, the paper shows how the methodologies and assessment tools used in the West can be beneficial to Chinese leaders to improve performance, as well as stimulating Chinese leadership to revive its cultural heritage. 

Show Me the Money

How to Raise the Cash to Get Your Business off the Ground. 

'Show Me The Money' is an absolutely invaluable guide to uncovering the capital required to start or grow a business. Aimed at individual and small enterprise entrepreneurs looking to raise up to £1 million, it explains how to evaluate your business, determining what stage you are at, when you will need investment, and how much. It then explains the sources of finance, from banks to government initiatives to angel investor networks, matching your business to the most appropriate source of capital.


The book provides an expert walkthrough of how to secure investment, from the elevator pitch to the terms of the deal. 

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