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Wow, we received investments from a Chinese partner


One of our clients is a prestigious UK engine design company. They called us for help in negotiating with a potential Chinese investor. They told us that they had talked and worked with another Chinese company for nearly three years, but had never been paid and still hadn't got a contract. We helped with preparing presentations, social events, documents and agreements. After only three meetings, a contract was signed,  a trip to China completed and most importantly, they received their first investment within five months. 

Chinese investors

Our sales increased by 30%! 

One of our clients is a long established luxury department store. Due to the increasing number of Chinese shoppers, they recruited some Mandarin speaking sales people. This helped. However, some new challenges also arose; the Chinese staff had higher absence rates and turnover. Overall, although sales increased, the profits did not significantly increase. After we ran a series of workshops, all the staff were more confident and after six months, their sales increased by 30%.

Increase sales
Doing business in China

Thank you, we will postpone our expansion plan to China

One of our clients was keen into expand to China. After investigating the Chinese market and government policies, we discovered that their business area in China belonged to a government monopoly industry. For that reason, it would have been too costly to enter into China at that time. We suggested that our client not to pursuit this further. So, they postponed their China expansion plans. 

We have worked with over a thousand professionals from multinational companies all over the world 

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World class! Maggie is very knowledgeable and experienced. Her information and cultural experiences are informative and practical. We've already foreseen how we can reduce the costs to expand into China. Her sense of humour made the day enjoyable.

          - R. Ralph, Chief Executive

Perfect! Thank you so much for the precious session. Your unique insight of both Chinese and western cultures enable us to review our business plans in detail which would avoid some cultural pitfalls. I believe that our journey into the Chinese market go more smoothly. 

- R. Bartalini, Export Director

I just wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of my team! We found the session greatly beneficial, and the way in which you presented was highly engaging. No doubt my team are already putting their learning into practice.

- N. Dowling, Head of Retail

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