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Acclaimed Cultural Workshops

'A foreign dragon can rarely defeat a local snake. '

So say the Chinese. What's more, they also say, ‘it is easier for a foreign monk to recite scriptures.’ Are the Chinese self-contradictory? Not at all! Chinese people love foreigners and exotic goods. But why do so many businesses encounter obstacles:


'Everyone is talking about China, we know that the opportunities are there and the market

is massive, but we have invested millions of pounds on PR, Branding and Marketing for our

services, unfortunately there is no result...' 

'We have spent one year promoting our products in China and many Chinese companies

want to be our agents, but they all request cash as marketing fees, and we cannot afford


'Regarding the  subject of ‘face’ I have to admit I am finding that bit very hard.The constant 

nod and 'yes yes' is very frustrating...It’s difficult balancing the authority /leadership element

with the saving of face...'

Get ready for China
Expand into China Cultual Workshop

Most of our diagnostic results show that these businesses are doing things their own way in China, or are not fully equipped with Chinese cultural knowledge, or have not worked out what the best way or right person to work with. 

We strongly suggest that everyone who wants to expand into China, firstly undertakes cultural training and coaching. This willhelp you to save time and effort, avoid unnecessary costs and emotional distress.  

Our dedicated cultural workshops have helped over a thousand business leaders to achieve their goals. Each topic has three levels: foundation, advanced and premier. 

According to studies, such a framework can increase productivity by 30 per cent. 

    Get Ready for China: Chinese Cultural Awareness
    Cross Cultural Communication
    Multicultural Team Leadership
    Living and Working in China
    Branding for the Chinese Market

    Marketing Channels (Social Media) in China

    Sales Techniques for Chinese Customers

    Developing and Maintaining Relationships in China


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