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Integrated Solutions for

doing business in China successfully 

1 Intercultural Solutions 

'Cultural isolation made me feel like a fish out of water.'

Intercultural solution

  Chinese Cultural Awareness

  Intercultural Communications

  Multicultural Team Leadership

  Living and Working in China

Arm yourself with cultural sensitivity and adaptivity, and become an international business leader.

2  Chinese Marketing Strategies 

'The pathway to Chinese customers’ wallets is through 

their hearts, not their heads.'

  Branding for the Chinese Market

  Marketing Channels (Social Media) in China

  PR and Selling opportunities in China

  Sales Techniques for Chinese Customers

Chinese markting strategy

Avoiding pitfalls, minimising costs and increasing sales 

3 Operating Your Business in China

  Chinese Central and Local Economic Policies Research

  Partnership with Chinese Investors and Businesses

  Negotiations and Contracts with Chinese Businesses

  Developing and Maintaining Relationships in China


'Right time, right place and the right person, without the three, although 

there maybe a victory, there is also potential calamity'

Doing business in China

Launch your business on the fast track into Chinese market

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